About Dr Ram

Dr Ram has extensive experience in clinical research and is a Principal Investigator for
several National and International clinical trials and clinical projects involving high precision
radiotherapy, and combination chemotherapy and immunotherapy. He has significant
experience and training in the delivery of proton beam and radiotherapy.

Managerial Positions

  • Thames Valley & Wessex Operational Delivery Network(ODN) Radiotherapy Lead from 1 March 2022 for NHS England & NHS Improvement.
  • Clinical Oncology Expert for the Task Group for National Head & Neck cancer pathway development for NHS England and NHS Improvement Cancer Programme Timed Pathways Group from April 2021
  • Radiotherapy CRG Board Member for NHS England and NHS Improvement from 2019.
  • Clinical Expert for Technology Appraisal for National Institute for Health and Care Excellence-NICE from 2019.
  • External Professional Advisor for Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman from 2019.
  • Chair of Head and Neck Cancer Wessex Strategic Clinical Network from July 2018-21
  • FRCR Part-B Examiner & FRCR Exam Board Member in Clinical Oncology at Royal College of Radiologists, UK from January 2018.


Advanced Training

  • RCR-Cyclotron Trust Travelling Carbon Ion Fellowship in February 2020 to visit CNAO – Italy
  • IBA PBT Training at University of Pennsylvania Roberts Proton Therapy Centre, Philadelphia, USA- 2018
  • RCPSG-Davies Foundation Fellowship at Scripps Proton Centre, USA- 2017
  • Davies Foundation Travelling Fellowship at Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland- 2017
  • PBT Winter School in January 2017 at Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
  • Proton Therapy Winter School in January 2015 at PSI, Switzerland
  • RCR-Cyclotron Trust Travelling Proton Fellowship at UFPTI, Florida, USA- 2013

Proton Management

  • Medical Director- Proton Therapy UK-Proton Therapy Centre,Prague- 2017-18,  2022 onwards
  • Visiting Consultant Oncologist- Proton Therapy Centre, Prague, Czech Republic- 2017 onwards
  • National e-Proton Therapy Steering Group Board Member- 2015-18 International PTCOG Educational sub-committee Member for Head & Neck cancer, Skull base Tumours/CNS and GI cancers-2018
  • Co-Chair for GI Cancer Educational sub-committee at Particle Therapy Co-operative Group-PTCOG from June 2019
  • Lead Clinician-Proton Therapy & Senior Medical Advisor for Rutherford Health PLC (Proton Partners International) from March 2018- June 2022

High Precision Radiotherapy

  • IMRT & IGRT Fellowship, Royal Marsden Hospital, UK under Professor Chris Nutting, 2009
  • Stereotactic Radiotherapy/ Radiosurgery -SRS/SRT training, Royal Marsden Hospital under Professor Mike Brada 2009

Intra-Operative Radiotherapy

  • IORT Observership at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA in 2016
  • RCR-Kay Travelling Fellowship -M D Anderson Cancer Centre, USA in 2015
  • IORT Clinical Observership in IORT at University of Heidelberg, Germany in 2014


Dr Ram has been responsible for several cancer innovations in the UK:

Implemented Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to reduce radiation-induced oral mucositis in Head & Neck cancers at SOC and treated the 1st adult H&N cancer patient in UK in March 2015 funded by Regional Innovation Fund.

Implemented Intra-Operative Radiotherapy employing a mobile Electron Linear Accelerator for treating recurrent rectal cancers and GI cancers for the first time in UK.

Implemented PhotoBioModulation Therapy PBMT to reduce radiotherapy therapy induced toxicities for first time in private sector.

Involved with a private provider in setting up a Proton therapy projects across UK.

Implemented Photo-medicine (LLLT) in treating cancer treatment related Trismus & fibrosis in May 2017 at SOC.

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